Albatrosses Family Diomedeidae

Birds of open ocean, with rigid gliding and banking flight. Much larger than gulls; wings proportionately longer. "Tube-nosed" [nostrils in two tubes); bill large, hooked, covered with horny plates. Sexes alike. Largely silent at sea. FOOD: Cuttlefish, fish, squid, other small marine life; some feeding at night. RANGE: Mainly cold oceans of S. Hemisphere; three species nest north of equator in Pacific.

BLACK-BROWED ALBATROSS Thalassarchemelattophris Vagrant

34-35 in. (86-88 cm); wingspan 7l/2 ft. (229 cm). Suggests a huge Great Black-backed Gull, but with short blackish tail and very large yellow bill (adult) with hooked tip. Dark eye streak gives it a frowning look. In stiff-winged gliding flight, shows white underwing broadly outlined with black. Immature: Bill dark. range: Accidental off Atlantic Coast.

YELLOW-NOSED ALBATROSS Thalassarchechlororhynchos Vagrant 31-32 in. (79-81 cm); wingspan 7-7'/> ft. (213-229 cm). Similar to Black-browed Albatross, but bill black with yellow ridge on upper mandible. In flight, underwing whiter, with narrower black edging. range: Accidental along Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

LAYSAN ALBATROSS Phoebastria immutabilis Scarce M81

32 in. (81 cm); wingspan 6V2 ft. (198 cm). White body with dark back and wings, suggesting a huge, dark-backed gull with extra-long wings. Whitish underwing has some dark smudges. Bill and feet pale pinkish gray. Immature similar.

BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS Phoebastria nigripes Uncommon M82

32-33 in. (81-84 cm); wingspan 7 ft. (213 cm). Great size, sooty color, tremendously long saberlike wings, and rigid shearwater-like gliding identify this species, the albatross found most regularly off our Pacific Coast. Seldom seen from shore. At close range shows whitish face and pale areas toward wingtips. Bill and feet dark. Older adults develop more white on head and white patches at base of tail. similar species: Immature Short-tailed Albatross slightly larger, has pinkish bill and feet.

SHORT-TAILED ALBATROSS Phoebastria albatrus Casual

36-37 in. (91-94 cm); wingspan lxh ft. (229 cm). Adult: White back, pink bill, yellowish nape. Underwing white with dark edge. Immature: Dark brown, bill and feet pinkish, similar species: Black-footed and Laysan albatrosses. range: Breeds on islands ofl Japan. Formerly near extinction, slowly recovering. Ranges from Bering Sea to CA.

Family Diomedeidae



Black-footed variant



immature Short-tailed

Laysan immature



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